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Data Visualisation

Need Business Intelligence? We can support you in design and implementation, from enterprise roll-out to individual reports.

Predictive Modelling

How do you use your data to look forwards rather than back? We have experience in forecasting, what-if modelling and machine learning.

Data Wrangling

In a mess with Excel? Flooded with data in different formats? We can disentangle and leave you with more robust, maintainable data processing.

System Integration

Full benefits in data analytics only come when the clever stuff is integrated into business processes and systems.

About Us

We exist to help you make better decisions in business.
Smarter use of data makes for smarter decisions

In the 18th Century we saw the Industrial Revolution. Transformative changes in engineering boosted manufacturing productivity up to 50%. The study of science, and in particular a relentless application of the scientific method, have brought greater advances in human knowledge and health in the last 200 years than the preceding 200,000. These advances have also given us computers, statistics; and the ability to store, process and use information in previously unimaginably ways.

Our society uses data and information every day to design homes, diagnose illness, schedule holidays, process payments; and increasingly to plan and predict. We'd still do most of these things without information of course, just not very well. At Urban AI we use the latest tools and technology to help you get the most from your data. Give us a business problem - it should always start with the problem, not with the data - and we'll work with you to break it down, distill the relevant data and build a sustainable solution.

The fancy term these days for what we do is data science. But we prefer to think of it as a particular brand of problem solving. Helping you take data and turn it, not into information but, into applied intelligence.

  • Analytical Hours

    We bring over 30,000 hours of analytical experience to bear. Blending domain knowledge with specialist skills in data analysis, system design and coding.

  • Industry Experience

    Two parts analytic, one part domain. With experience in Healthcare, Finance, Government and more, there is no business domain where we cannot add value.

  • Problem Solving

    At heart we are problem solvers. What gives us the most satisfaction is helping our clients crack the problems which can truly transform their business.

  • Visual Design

    Good presentation of data is vital. At Urban AI we put particular emphasis on this 'final ten percent'. The finest analysis is worth nothing if it cannot be quickly digested.

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