Bullshit and X-ray specs

It’s perhaps to early to call it, but I think this article on bullshit, more politely titled “How politicians poisoned statistics”, by Tim Harford for the FT Magazine, may just be the best thing I read in 2016. “Statistical bullshit”, to Tim’s definition, is espoused by those who do not actually care about the truthfulness[…]

The Stolen Years

Everybody dies. Why state the morbidly obvious? Language used by politicians and the media, with phrases like “excess deaths” (more people died than we expected) or “weekend deaths” (err… because dying on at the weekend is worse?), often give the strange impression that death is some sort of avoidable outcome.Perhaps we should change the language. Not[…]

Push-Pull Healthcare

This article in the Guardian chimes with a lot of thinking I’ve been doing on healthcare recently. I encourage you to read past the attention-grabbing headline. This is not about Artificial Intelligence – though there are a lot of interesting potential applications for AI in healthcare, which I plan to blog about soon – it is about[…]